Business security

This ia a fast changing enviorment that is critical in today business network and with so many devices and alternitive data portals, accessing client and customer data, companies must show they can controled and maintaine systems against system hacking.

At Computer Division we have a team of technicians and services available to cater for business grade network security. Its a simple 3 area attack but its effective within most IT budgets and can be adaptable to your growth.


Prevention is always better than cure so taking out a maintainer that can be customed to helps prevent illegal access through monitoring and policy control, is critical and shows you are pro active and propared for attacks.

Latest Updates

Getting a heads up on whats happening on the internet trends and latest attacks and keeping uptodate is a must for your security knowing the webtrends and keeping system patched is a 24/7 undertaking against risk.

Central Support

When things unexpectantly change or not going just right having a cetral contact for appropriate steps is your first port of call. Calls can are recorded, monitored and anaylised to find out what’s really going on within the system not only at a small time scale but over large periods of time.

Take a read of our security areas above and find out why they need to be addressed.

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